WMPeople: Pc Rosemary Hansford, Neighbourhood Policing Officer

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  • Pc Rosemary Hansford joined St Matthew’s Neighbourhood team in September 2020
  • The 23-year-old enjoys working within Walsall town centre to build relationships between the community and the police
  • She says working in an Impact Area really drives the team to make a difference

The day started with….

A coffee. This gives me some time to myself in the mornings before starting work.

 I’m responsible for….

Maintaining relationships between the police and the public. As a neighbourhood officer, we actively engage with the community we serve while we’re out on patrol.

Neighbourhood teams play a key role in gathering information and then inputting this into our intelligence systems.

Neighbourhood policing officer, Pc Rosie Hansford

I joined up….

After university. I studied Criminology, Policing and Investigations at Birmingham City University and then started my training in July 2020 on the Police Now scheme. I’ve always wanted to be in the police because I want to make a difference and put some of my knowledge and interest in Criminology to good use.

The department is…

St Matthew’s Neighbourhood Team, based in Walsall town centre. The team is really hard working and dedicated. We’re based in an Impact Area which really drives the St Matt’s team to make a difference in the community. We’re operating within a small geographical area to engage with the community and work with them to make it a safer place to live, which we’re all really committed to.

I got here….

In September 2020 after my initial training. I’m enjoying being a part of the St Matthew’s team and I see myself continuing as a neighbourhood officer once my two years’ training is done.

 My typical day….

Is very varied. It’ll involve dealing with neighbour disputes, anti-social behaviour issues and volume crimes such as thefts and robberies, some of which are long term issues and need a unique approach to resolve the issues. Neighbourhood work involves working closely with partnership agencies such as social services, youth services, health services among others. I’ll often come away from a job with a referral to complete in order to support an individual further. The role is rewarding, especially when you see the difference you have made for someone.

My most memorable moment…

Was being able to identify victims and those at risk of child sexual exploitation (CSE) and child exploitation (CE) in Walsall town centre. This prevented those at risk from becoming victims and safeguarded those who were. There was some intelligence which indicated that drug dealers were operating out of taxis. We witnessed a male leaning into a taxi and then make off. The taxi was stopped, and as a result the passenger ran and a foot chase took place. The passenger was found in possession of a firearm and a large amount of cannabis plants, cannabis and paraphernalia.

The best part of the job…

Is definitely that every day is different. No two days are ever the same and I’m always learning something new.

The worst part of the job…

Is that there’s a rotation of staff on neighbourhood and this doesn’t always allow for enough time as we’d like to find solutions to some of the problems.  Rotation of staff will also affect the relationships between police and the community which can take time to build. 

If I didn’t do this job I’d….

I would like to work in victim support. I believe it’s important to work with victims after an incident and through any investigation.