WMPeople: From SC to PC Hannah Moore

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Special constable Hannah Moore has enjoyed the experience that volunteering for us has given her so much that she’s decided on a career in policing.

The 23-year-old was studying forensics at Coventry University in 2018 when she was offered a place on the Blue Line Special Scheme, a partnership between WMP and the university.

She jumped at the chance and the rest is history.

image of Hannah Moore

Hannah became one of our regular officers last month and is delighted to start her career in time for Coventry Moves – the official launch event of Coventry’s year-long status as City of Culture – taking place today (5 June).

“It’s an exciting point in my career. I’m beginning life as a PC in Coventry and the City of Culture starts. I’m a fan of the arts and seeing things from different perspectives, so it’s brilliant that I’ll be able to combine my dream job with one of my passions.”

As a student, Hannah could never decide whether she wanted to go into forensics or policing but says her time as a Special helped make up her mind.

As part of the Blue Line Special Scheme she was able to take a year out of her official studies at university to be a special full-time before returning to finish her course.

When CoVID-19 happened in March 2021, she went back to being full-time to support our regular officers during the initial lockdown period.

Hannah, from Nuneaton, said: “It’s been incredible. Becoming a Special really had a positive effect on me and helped me make my mind up about the future.

“Initially I worked with the Coventry city centre neighbourhood team but I’ve been able to move around different departments. I’ve spent some time in Investigations, partnerships and with forensics in Ladywood.

“I finally moved to a Coventry Response Team and have been working shifts with them since.

“I’m glad to be back in Coventry because it’s a really special place. And the City of Culture is going to make my first year as a regular officer so memorable.”

And she’s encouraging others to volunteer in the city.

“I wouldn’t change the decisions I’ve made for a second. It’s enabled me to look at everything in a different way for the better and I’m now starting my career in a job I want to do and enjoy doing.

“I’m grateful to those who’ve helped me during my three years as a Special and thankful for the opportunity to volunteer and give my help where needed.”

The West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner Simon Foster, said: “Specials are highly valued at West Midlands Police and do a great job keeping the people in our region safe.

“I’m delighted Hannah got so much from volunteering at the force that she decided to become a full time police officer. I’m really grateful for all she has done so far and wish her well in her career.

“I’ve pledged to increase the number of Special Constables over the next few years so even more people will soon have a similar opportunity.”

• We’re currently recruiting Specials. To find out more visit https://jobs.west-midlands.police.uk/what-is-a-special-constable/