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How do I apply?

To apply you need to visit the West Midlands Police Website and view the ‘Police Officer Rejoiner 2000006P’ vacancy. You will need to create a profile if you have not already done so, and then complete and submit the application.

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Is there a restriction on how long you can be out of policing to apply to rejoin?

No there is no restriction, we welcome the knowledge and experience gained from our previous employees, if you have been out of policing for a significant period of time we can provide additional training internally to make sure you feel comfortable before returning to full duty.

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Am I required to live within a certain distance of the force/posting to apply?

There is no requirement to live within a certain area/distance within the force however please bear in mind you may be posted anywhere within the West Midlands and we cannot make any guarantees on specific locations of work.

Can I rejoin if I did not serve with WMP?

Yes, as long as you served with a UK Home Office Police Force or British Transport Police we would welcome your interest in rejoining.

Do you accept rejoiners from Civil Nuclear, MOD or any other non home office forces?

No we do not accept rejoiners from either of these as they are not Home Office Forces and the training is not transferable.

List of home office forces:

I didn’t complete my full training and probation period – can I rejoin?

No you must have completed your full training and probation period and be signed off as a substantive officer to rejoin. If this was not completed and you are interested in becoming a Police Officer again you can apply through the PCDA/DHEP route (subject to eligibility).

What rank will I return on?

You can return on the substantive rank you left on. If you believe you have the ability and experience to return on a higher rank then you will need to sit and pass the full promotion assessment process when dates are available.

What salary will I return on?

If you are returning on the rank you left then you will return on the salary you were receiving when you left the Service previously.

If returning from a different force other than WMP, this will need to be checked with the payroll team.

Please note that no allowances from previous forces will be included and if you were entitled to other benefits during your initial employment such as housing allowance, relocation allowance etc. the schemes may no longer be available.

If returning at a higher rank you will start at the bottom of the SCP of that rank.

What is the process for rejoining?

An application must be submitted online, this will then be reviewed to determine if you are eligible.

Once it’s confirmed you are eligible, you will then need to sit an assessment. The assessment type depends on the rank you are applying to return on.

Please note – due to the current pandemic some assessments may need to be virtual rather than face to face, we will be able to advise the candidates when dates are agreed

Can I rejoin on a part time basis?

Yes, we are happy to consider those that wish to return on a part time basis

I was previously a WMP Officer can I have my old collar number?

We appreciate that collar numbers hold a lot of significance to employees of WMP, we have explored the opportunity for rejoiners to be allocated previous collar numbers however unfortunately this is not possible; this is due to many issues including pay, tax and various WMP systems which are linked to the collar number.

You will be issued a new collar number once you join.

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I was previously vetted, do I need to go through the vetting process again?

Depending on the length of time away from the service you may be exempt from the Counter Terrorism background checks however the vetting process will need to be processed again by our vetting team.

Can I choose my posting?

We ask for preferences in relation to your posting and location, however we always state this is not guaranteed. You are not able to choose your own posting. Your skills and experience will be reviewed along with your address to review and decide the most suitable posting.

The key consideration for the decision of the posting is the operational need, so you can be posted to any location and department within the force.

When will my posting be confirmed?

The postings are decided once the background checks are completed or near completion. We will request the posting and update you as soon as possible.

If a start date is approaching and your checks have been completed but a posting has not been decided, an offer of employment can be sent out without the posting confirmed. The posting will then be confirmed once it has been decided.

What is involved within the training?

Training will be based upon the individual learning needs assessment that will be completed upon your application submission.  In all cases where you have left the organisation more than 12 months ago, you will require PST and first aid training and are likely to undertake an induction into West Midlands Police.

Will my previous continuous service be carried across?

As you have resigned/left and are applying to rejoin, your previous continuous service will not carry on upon joining WMP. The continuous service date will start from the date you join us.

Can I rejoin the Pension Scheme

Yes however please be aware that you would be joining the most recent pension scheme that the WMP offers; depending on the length of time away from the service this may have different Terms and Conditions compared to the scheme you paid into previously.

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