Transferees and Rejoiners

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Are you a former officer? Or maybe you still carry a warrant card but you’re based elsewhere.

Either way, thanks for taking the time to visit this page.

Officers on bikeWe hope that you looking at this site means that you’re already considering a career here with WMP. If that’s the case then read on, because there’s lots to catch up on and you’ve probably got a few questions too.

First of all, we should probably set the scene.

You are bound to have seen or heard the announcements about 20,000 extra police officers and we are very happy to say that a good percentage of those new recruits will join us here in the West Midlands.

In total, we are set to recruit 2,800 officers in three years. That’s our largest recruitment drive in recent memory, possibly even in our history.

It’s an amazing opportunity for us to shape our future as well as seeing teams grow again.

For the new students they benefit from a new entry programme, where their training includes study that is partly delivered and accredited by Staffordshire University, so that they can graduate with a policing degree at the end of their training.

But all these new officers need people who know the ropes.

While they learn the challenges, demands and finer points of what it’s like to be the one that is first on the scene or interviewing an offender, we need those experienced colleagues to show the way.

Why you left is history as far as we are concerned. We are more interested in what’s yet to come.

Over the last few years we have changed our structure slightly and new technology, such as smartphones, body worn cameras and mobile office kit in response cars, has made it easier for officers to respond to calls and make a difference.

Newly refurbished Bloxwich police station.

Force CID and Public Protection have changed so that teams can be more targeted; Initial Investigation Teams have been created to resolve crime efficiently and promptly over the telephone, creating additional capacity for the teams working in the community.

Exciting times are ahead. We are playing a huge part in the planning, engagement and policing of Coventry City of Culture, the Commonwealth Games 2022 and other major events.

Birmingham Central Police Station.

Our stations and buildings have changed too. A new central hub to house the Control Suite, Operations and Traffic has bee built and if you have not visited Lloyd House for a few years then you will not have seen the way we work in an open plan office environment that is a far cry from the offices we used to know.

So, if you want to know more then drop us a line. We have a team that is specifically working to support those officers who are considering rejoining WMP. Whether it’s some really specific questions about training, rank, pay, pension or base, the team is here for you. Or perhaps you’d like a chat with a colleague who can bring you up to speed with what things are like here today. We can put you in touch with people in a specific department, if that’s what you want, or maybe someone who can discuss future opportunities and promotion. The team can find the best person to bring you up to speed. Just drop them a line at:

After time away, it’ll come as no surprise that you will need to undergo some refresher training but it won’t be long before you could be back out there preventing crime, protecting the public and helping those in need.

Have any questions? Then why don’t you visit our FAQ page.

We hope to see you again soon.

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