Transferees and Rejoiners


If you are a serving officer at another force and are looking for a fresh challenge elsewhere, then West Midlands Police is keen to hear from you.

We have recently adopted a new policing model that is focused on local delivery, meaning our investigation, response and neighbourhood teams are now locally based, working together to serve our communities.

We have many specialist teams and departments that offer career opportunities, from Counter Terrorism Unit, Regional Organised Crime Unit to our Motorway Policing teams, dog unit and Operations teams that work across the region.

As a region, West Midlands Police covers a diverse area – covering from Coventry through Solihull and Birmingham and across to the Black Country. We are a busy, urban force and are the second-largest in the country, after the Met in London.

We are currently recruiting transferees into the following ranks:

  • PC
  • DC
  • Sergeant
  • Inspector
  • Special Constable

If you’d like to speak to our recruitment team about aspects of your application or your career aspirations, email:


Are you about to retire, or have recently retired from policing?

If so, you’re in the right place. We need you and your experience.

In May 2023 we launched our 30++ Rejoiners Scheme for officers who are soon to retire or have retired in the past 12 months.

The scheme is simple and offers a financially attractive option for police officers to continue doing the job they love. You retire, and following a period of retirement which can be as little as 31 days, where you are able to claim your lump sum and pension, you are eligible to apply to return as an officer at the same rank, up to Inspector level.

The reason we are keen to retain our retiring officers is simple. We don’t want to lose the specialist skills and experience that is so valuable to West Midlands Police and the communities we serve.

The Police Uplift Programme has seen us welcome almost 3,000 new recruits since 2019. That means we have 1,300 more officers than three years ago. This is great news for the organisation, but it also means we have a lot of new in service colleagues who would benefit from having skilled, experienced officers to show them the way.

We have a new force vision and operating model that is helping us to refocus on local policing and serve our communities better.

Balancing the new officers with the knowledge of experienced officers is really important in delivering outstanding policing to the public.

If you are starting to miss policing, serving local communities and making a difference, then the 30++ Rejoiner Scheme could be ideal for you.

Chief Constable Craig Guildford said; “You can’t buy experience and the policing service needs it right now. The way our old pension scheme works makes individual choices to stay on as a warranted officer a hard family financial decision.

“The new scheme gives retiring officers their pension lump sum in their hand and then after a short time – as little as 31 days, they can return on their exact same pay point as a warranted officer in their specialism.

“We think this is a very cost-effective way of retaining talent and experience and enabling cops to stay in the job they love, safe in the knowledge that their continued service works for them, their families and the public we serve.

“It’s been designed with the Federation and we are opening it up internally and externally. So, if you’ve retired within the last 12 months in any force, we look forward to hearing from you.”

How it works

Under the scheme you would be eligible to take your lump-sum and draw your pension until the point that you return. When you return to WMP your monthly pension payments would likely be abated (each case will be considered individually). If re-appointed under this scheme you would re-commence at the same rank as you were at the time of retirement (up to Inspector), or at a lower rank if this fits your life plans better. You would be posted into a role based on business needs, with consideration given to how best your skills and experience are utilised.

There are of course criteria that need to be met to be eligible for this scheme:

  • Officers who wish to be re-appointed under this scheme will be required to undergo a fitness for role examination with Occupational Health to ensure they are fit to undertake the duties of the role.
  • Officers will be required to undertake and pass the job-related fitness test within the 3 months prior to re-appointment, if applicable for the role applied for
  • Officers who are subject to Conduct procedures at the time of their application or when they leave are eligible to apply under this scheme however, any appointment will be made based on the outcome of the Professional Standards investigation
  • Officers who are in the live period of a warning when they make their application or at timing of leaving are not eligible for this scheme.
  • Officers who have been ill-health retired are not eligible for this scheme

If you have any further questions regarding the scheme then please contact us by emailing

Apart from the criteria list above, including relevant Occupational Health vetting and fitness tests, applicants will have a simple career conversation to discuss force values and individual aspirations.