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Becoming a police officer is a challenging and rewarding career, but it is not just any job. Policing with the Community is at the very centre of everything we do as a police service and we encourage people from all sections of the community to consider applying.

The officers appointed will work directly with and make a very positive contribution to communities across West Midlands, so it is vitally important that these officers are fully representative of the communities they will be working in. To ensure this happens, the Force will be applying some initiatives around positive action. (Equality Act 2010)

What is ‘positive action’?

We have a strong commitment to equality and diversity both within the organisation and in the service we provide. Our aim is to promote and achieve a fully inclusive workforce to reflect the communities we serve.

In order to provide a high level of service, we encourage applications from under-represented groups and we are proud to pursue a policy of ‘positive action’ in an attempt to achieve this.

‘Positive action’ refers to a range of measures and initiatives that employers can lawfully take to actively encourage individuals from under-represented groups to apply.

The selection procedure itself is no different, and is based solely on merit. ‘Positive action’ does not seek to remove competition and West Midlands Police will take the best applicants.

Who does it apply to?

‘Positive action’ initiatives can be used whenever an under-represented group is identified. Legislation enables ‘positive action’ to work around issues of disability, race, religion and belief, sex and sexual orientation.

This is not a legal requirement but provisions have been made under the Equality Act 2010 to support this area. Under-represented groups include women, ethnic minority individuals, people with disabilities and other protected characteristics .

‘Positive action’ is often confused with positive discrimination. Positive discrimination, which generally means employing someone because they come from an under-represented group in spite of whether they have the relevant skills and qualifications, is unlawful. We treat all applicants according to need and in accordance with legislation currently in place.

As part of the focused campaign to recruit, a series of Discovery Days will take place across West Midlands.

These events are aimed at promoting awareness of the role of a police officer and encouraging applications from under-represented groups, in particular:

  • Young people – reflecting the need to address the age profile of the organisation, which is increasing as a result of no recruitment for more than three years.
  • BME communities – reflecting the need to address the community profile of the organisation

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