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Police Officer Recruitment

If you’re looking at this page then we guess you’ve probably seen our adverts.

Maybe you’re interested to learn more about the opportunities a police career can offer, or perhaps you’ve already made up your mind and are just looking for the ‘apply now’ button.

Either way, we’re glad you’ve taken the time to see what joining West Midlands Police can offer you and we’ll point you in the right direction.

Here’s some key dates for you around when to apply for our student officer programmes. If you want to know more about each programme and which one is best for you, just click on the links and you’ll be able to read more.

We are recruiting:

Please note, we may close any of the above routes at any time, dependent on the volume of applications we receive.

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We need to explain that there’s lots of careers on offer in policing – from roles in our busy offices through to frontline policing.

If you see your career as an officer – regardless of whether you’re planning to be in uniform or choose to be a detective – then you’re in the right place.

If you think a role as police staff is a better fit for you, then take a look at our current vacancies page.

Have a browse through the PC Recruitment sections of this site to find out all the information about our:

Our films focus on the skills you probably have – and use every day – without even realising that they would be perfect for a career in policing.

There’s several ways of joining, depending on where you are in terms of your education.

Whether you’ve recently started looking for a new career, you got your A-Level (or other Level 3) results, you’ve started forward planning for when you’ve finished studying or maybe you’ve already been to uni and have graduated – we’re happy to hear from you.

The important thing is that you have taken the first step by visiting this page, so hopefully that means you’re interested in finding out more about what a police career could offer you.

Our training programmes offer a great opportunity to start out in a new career, where your formal training leads to a university qualification and you get paid a full wage from your first day with us.

Yes, there’s entry criteria, but even if you haven’t got the grades, we can help to signpost you to ways of getting what you need to join us, or perhaps applying for one of our other jobs could be the best option for you.

We pay for your police officer training, delivered in partnership with Staffordshire University, so that you get a degree or graduate diploma – plus you’ll be paid a full wage while you learn. So, put simply, we offer:

  • no tuition fees
  • a professional degree or graduate diploma qualification
  • a good salary while you train, which will increase every year
  • a varied career when training is done

As our advertising shows, your everyday skills are as much in demand when you begin your police officer training.

Kindness, empathy, humour, friendship, listening, showing resilience, being able to relate to people …we could go on.

They are not skills we learn at college or university. They are just who we are. People want us to be professional but they need to see that we are human too, because policing is often about those simple conversations as much as it can be about chasing an offender or responding to a 999 call.

That’s why our recruitment campaign is telling real stories of how our officers have helped people and how their behaviour has made a real difference.

They’re skills we all have, but maybe we take them for granted.

If that’s you, you’re made for this.

We are recruiting!
WMP student officer programme – the way to become a police officer.

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