Police Now – Syndicate Leads and Stream Managers.

The recruitment of Stream Managers and Syndicate Leads will be a collaborative project between Police Now and West Midlands Police.

Stream Managers and Syndicate Leads will not only inspire our participants to work hard and develop as leaders in policing but will also be there to support the communications between the force and the academy. By passing on operational policing skills, both national and force-specific, it gives our participants the head start they need prior to joining the force.

Further, the roles contribute to the force’s recruitment, retention and support strategies and play an active role in shaping the future of policing and the future of our participants. Syndicate Leads will also be a key contact for the force, ensuring our participants are supported, receive the local knowledge required for them to carry out their duties, as well as preparing them to land in force and make an impact in their communities.

We encourage you to look at the job information packs as they include job descriptions and testimonies from previous Syndicate Leads and Stream Managers which give a good indication of what successful applicants will get from being involved with the Police Now Academy.

Overview of roles

Each force partnering with Police Now enters into a contract, one requirement of which is that a Syndicate Lead is provided per 12 Trainee Detective Constables recruited. The number of Syndicate Leads needed is in your contract.

The Syndicate Lead role is suitable for those at Sergeant Rank and is critical to the success of each academy. For most participants, the academy is the first time they will work closely with an operational police officer, so it is crucial that Syndicate Leads are consistently role modelling the high standards that Police Now, and their force, expect throughout the academy. Syndicate Leads play a dynamic and influential role in participants’ experience and success.

Further information about the role can be found in the video below:


For more information about the role please download a copy of the Job Description below:

Syndicate Lead Job Description

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The Stream Manager role is an exciting opportunity for an Inspector (or acting Inspector) in one of the two academy locations, leading a stream of Syndicate Leads and participants. This is a truly unique opportunity for someone to represent their force as the first line manager to up to eight Syndicate Leads and as a second line manager for around 30 participants. This is a significant operational challenge and will suit officers with exceptional leadership and organisational skills. We are looking for current operational experience in a dynamic policing environment as well as oversight in the delivery of quality serious and complex investigations by officers.

For more information about the role please download a copy of the job description below:

Stream Manager Job Description

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