International Women’s Day: Student officer, PC Sophie Evason

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New Student officer Sophie Evason shares her story about what it’s like joining policing as a woman in 2021, as we mark International Women’s Day.

PC Sophie Evason

PC Sophie Evason, one of our student officers.

“I always wanted to join the police from a young age, however I felt I needed to gather some life experience first. When I saw that West Midlands Police was doing a recruitment drive, it could not have come at a better time so I thought I would go for it!

“Throughout the recruitment process I’ve been treated fairly, equally and given the same opportunities as all my colleagues. There’s a lot of opportunity across the force and no role feels unachievable because I’m a woman. There’s been lots of support and I’ve had many conversations about my career progression.


“I hope to have a long future with the force. There’s a lot to learn but with hard work and determination I feel I can achieve what I want to. There are so many different routes that could be taken that I am keen to keep an open mind and experience as much as I possibly can before I decide a definite path.

“So far I’m enjoying meeting and working with so many different colleagues and members of the public. The teams that I’ve worked with have been so welcoming and supportive towards me which has made my first few months much nicer.

“I’m trying to have patience with myself – to make sure I can walk before I run and not give myself too much of a hard time if I’ve made a mistake or don’t have the knowledge to deal with a situation.

“From what I’ve seen already there are so many women in senior positions throughout the force and that gives me real confidence that with hard work and experience I’ll have the opportunity to rise through the ranks.”

We wish Sophie all the very best on her journey. If Sophie has inspired you and you want more information on joining us- click here