#HumansofWMP: Abdullah Bin Imad, special constable

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image of Abdullah

I was born in Karachi and I’m the oldest of four siblings. Our family lived in Pakistan for several years before moving back to the UK.

I’d always had an interest in policing but the subjects I studied at Sixth Form led me into my current role within the Electro-Magnetic Compatibility department of a multi-billion engineering company.

I became a Special because I knew that nothing would make me happier than being involved in policing and I wanted to volunteer my free time to a good cause. And let’s face it, what’s better than walking the beat and trying to keep the peace where you used to live?

I know it’s a cliché, but I genuinely wanted to make a positive difference, however small, to people’s lives.

Getting stuck right in is one of the best parts. Policing isn’t all about action and excitement, but when there is some, I make sure I get my fair share of it. It helps that I’m part of a very supportive team, led by the brilliant Sergeant Astra Jacob. If I’m ever unsure about something I know I can just ask.

Becoming a Special was the best thing I ever did. It’s extremely rewarding.

I’ve had more memorable moments in the short time I’ve been a special than I could ever have imagined, from finding firearms and Class A drugs in cars to recovering stolen vehicles Helping members of the community resolve issues is also immensely satisfying. It has been varied.

I’ve been assaulted a couple of times on duty and I was spat at a few weeks ago but I still love it. Every call for help I attend allows to me to make a difference.

Aside from being a Special, I’m a car enthusiast and enjoy target shooting in my spare time.

I’m a Street Watch co-ordinator for Green Lane Masjid and Community Centre and I volunteer at Green Lane Mosque. I’m also a member of the Youth arranging activities for young people. I get a real sense of satisfaction from volunteering.

It’s rewarding, fun and exciting.

• We’re recruiting specials. Visit https://jobs.west-midlands.police.uk/what-is-a-special-constable/ to find out more