What do you mean by Police Staff?

Police staff carry out a vital role within the police service supporting front-line operational police officers and police staff colleagues. They are not warranted officers and do not have a ‘power of arrest’.

Can I be a member of the British National Party (BNP) or similar organisation?

The police service has a policy of prohibiting any of their officers or police staff from becoming members of the British National party (BNP) or similar organisations whose aims, objectives or pronouncements may contradict the duty to promote race equality. If you are, or have been a member of the BNP or similar organisation your application may be rejected.

Is there a period of probation?

Yes. All appointments are subject to a six month probationary period. There is a three month review with your supervisor from the date of appointment.

How long does the recruitment process take?

This is variable depending on pre-employment checks that are carried out prior to an offer of employment. These include checks into the applicant’s medical history, counter terrorism vetting, financial history and employment references. Some of these can sometimes lead to a delay; however, you can be assured that the recruitment team are always proactively working on reducing this to expedite the process and will remain in touch with you throughout the recruitment process.

Can I send you my ‘CV’?

West Midlands Police does not accept CVs as a method of application. The short list process that we use in selection is based around your evidence in your application form. As part of the online application form you can upload your CV to pre-populate some of the information such as employment history. However, once uploading the CV you will then need to review the information and add any detail as necessary; please ensure you answer all questions within the application form.

How do I write a successful application form?

Any role that you apply for within West Midlands Police will identify the essential skills, experience and knowledge that is required in a role profile or advert. The decision to invite you to complete an online assessment or attend an interview will be based on the information you provide in the application form alone.  It is very important to give good specific examples that evidence you have the skills, experience and behaviour we are looking for.

If I am shortlisted what happens next?

If you are shortlisted you will receive an email confirming the next stage of the recruitment process which is normally an online assessment. The online assessment will test skills that are required for the role you applying for; there is no preparation required and you will be given full details at the time.

What do we look for at the interview?

Candidates that reach the required score at the online assessment will then be invited to a structured face-to-face competency interview. During the interview you will need to demonstrate you have the abilities and experience for the role you are applying for. Our interviews are based around the College of Policing ‘Competency and Values Framework’ at level 1; you can find out more about this framework and the competencies within it here.  Each candidate is asked the same set of questions and they are marked using a pre-set marking guide to ensure consistency.

What hours will I be working?

The standard working week is an average of 36.5 hours. Many posts allow flexible working. Some posts require you to work a shift pattern, for which you will receive a shift allowance, depending on the hours and pattern worked.

Where will my work location be?

Force Contact is the largest department within West Midlands Police and we currently operate from a number of locations across the force area. Your preference of work location will be discussed throughout the recruitment process. Locations will be offered taking into account personal and organisational need at the time of appointment.

What happens if I am successful at interview?

You will be sent a letter confirming you are a ‘preferred candidate’ subject to satisfactory employment checks being completed. A ‘preferred candidate’ will not have an official offer of employment until all pre-employment checks are completed. Do not resign from any employment until you have received a formal contract of employment from the recruitment team.

I have financial or criminal cautions or convictions, should I declare them?

You should read the application form very carefully and declare anything that is asked for. Two of the key attributes of working for a police service are honesty and integrity. If you with hold any information that is subsequently shown on vetting or financial checks it is likely your application will be rejected as you have not shown honesty and integrity. It is better to be honest and open which may lead to your application being accepted.