What to expect

Joining the police service through the Direct Entry Inspector programme means you’ll be able to help tackle the future challenges facing the police service over the next five years and beyond:

insp-epaulette■ maintaining service delivery
■ dealing with changing types of crime (eg, cyber, cross-border, demographics)
■ internal organisational change (eg, structure, service length, low morale, culture)
■ managing the need for wider and deeper collaboration (eg, new partners, mergers)
■ effective use of new technologies by the police
■ responding to increased scrutiny, accountability and demands for transparency
■ increasing influence of the political environment
■ maintaining public confidence
■ the need to redefine success
■ increasing demand beyond just ‘cutting crime’.

Your role as a Police Inspector

Police inspectors are the middle managers of the police service, often deployed on the front line.

There are a variety of roles open to uniformed inspectors. The generic inspector will lead a shift consisting of constables and sergeants, supervising both ranks and providing leadership at the scene of challenging incidents. They will often attend management and coordination meetings and make sure that decisions taken are implemented practically, efficiently and safely.

The responsibilities of an inspector are vast and include leading, planning, organising and giving authorisations as required under statute. It is both a leadership and operational role. Inspectors must be capable of:

■ providing strong leadership and inspiration to others, inside and outside the police service
■ managing teams of officers and staff
■ taking responsibility for the immediate management of critical and major incidents
■ allocating work and monitoring performance across their team or unit
■ reviewing systems, procedures and practices in order to introduce improvements
■ making best use of resources
■ managing budgets
■ gaining the confidence of communities through visible leadership and close partnerships.

You’ll also be working in partnership with other agencies and, most importantly, the communities you serve to maintain law and order, protect members of the public and their property, prevent crime, and improve the quality of life for all citizens.

About you

Being a police officer is not a nine-to-five job. You will be expected to provide leadership in challenging and difficult situations, the hours can be unpredictable and the shifts can sometimes be long. You will have to justify and hold accountability for your actions to ensure that you are working ethically and to the high standards that the public expect.

The difference with this career is that you will not just be improving your own prospects, but making a significant difference to the lives of people in your community.

Do you:

■ Do you have a proven track record of delivering success as a manager?
■ Do you have the ability and experience to lead large departments?
■ Are you able to take learning from other organisations and apply it to policing?
■ Are you prepared to think independently and ask why things are ‘done this way’?
■ Are you confident in your business and financial skills and able to apply these in managerial decisions?
■ Can you help deliver significant organisational change initiatives?
■ Do you have the self-confidence and resilience to overcome any cultural resistance to change?
■ Are you able and willing to work flexibly, to commit to working shifts, working evenings/nights and weekends as part of a regular pattern?
■ Can you inspire your team?
■ Can you set strategy?
■ Can you make effective quick-time decisions, despite intense pressure?
■ Do you have a real belief in public service?
■ Can you set high standards of behaviour and manage performance?
■ Can you build partnerships and relationships?
■ Do you have the emotional resilience to deal with distressing situations with compassion and a level head?
■ Are you motivated to make a difference in your community?
■ Are you motivated by a £47k starting salary?

If you think you have what it takes, then apply for Direct Entry Inspector. Visit leadbeyond.police.uk