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    WMP Diversity and Inclusion Vision

    ‘Maximise the potential of people from all backgrounds through a culture of fairness and inclusion to deliver the best service for our community’

    Positive Action

    ‘Positive action’ (Equality Act 2010 s.158/9) means the steps that an employer can take to encourage people from groups with different needs or with a past track record of disadvantage or low participation to apply for jobs.

    An employer can take proportionate action to:

    • enable or encourage people to overcome or minimise disadvantage
    • meet different needs, or
    • enable or encourage participation.

    In recruitment, equality law allows positive action before or at the application stage. The steps could include encouraging particular groups to apply, or helping people with particular protected characteristics to perform to the best of their ability (for example, by giving additional them training or support not available to other applicants).

    WMP is striving to get to a position where we are confident that all disproportionality and disadvantage is a thing of the past. Staff Support Associations, BME, LGBT and female colleagues are working closely with Corporate HR to make our processes transparent and fair to all applicants irrespective of background. This will ensure that we have a talented, innovative and diverse workforce that is prepared to respond to the needs of our community.

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